CAMPAIGN: Theatre Depot

OUR GOAL: Contribute to the revitalization of downtown Greeneville by establishing an intimate performance space in the Theatre Depot.

This will allow

  • Greater range in scheduling
  • Audience seating closer to action
  • Educational space for workshops
  • On-site rehearsal and set construction
  • Eliminate costly rental fees

We believe

That in addition to all of the theatrical advantages, having a vital theatre company with an on-going schedule of activities in Greeneville will contribute to a resurgent downtown.

Our project will provide:

  • Repurposed space for performance, lobby, restrooms, dressing rooms, control booth, and scene shop
  • Upgraded electrical system
  • Flexible audience seating
  • Theatrical lighting & sound systems
  • Adequate heating & air conditioning

The auditorium at Theatre Depot will not compete with existing venues but complement them, enriching the range of performances available in our community.

Campaign Goal = $250,000

Help fill our seats!

Our new performance space will help invigorate downtown Greeneville as well as provide another opportunity to showcase the performing arts in our area.

One seat = $2,000

Ways to Play Your Role...

Although Greeneville is blessed with large and medium-sized performing spaces, the Theatre Depot will equip our town with an intimate performance space of 100+ seats.

After conferring with architects and engineers and evaluating the costs of various equipment systems, the Greeneville Theatre Guild Board of Trustees has set a Campaign Goal of $250,000.

Your investment will not only make a significant difference in the operations of GTG, it will also make Greeneville a better community in which to live and work.

Multiple Ways to Give

  • A single one-time gift
  • A monthly or annual pledge over 3 years
  • Pool your gift with other friends or family members for a naming opportunity

We look forward to discussing how you will join Greeneville Theatre Guild in Playing a Role in Our Community.

Greeneville Theatre Guild is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization. Your contributions are tax deductible.

Theatre Depot will allow us to

  1. Have greater scheduling options.
  2. Produce more intimate shows.
  3. Provide a space in which GTG can conduct workshops and other community events.
  4. Rehearse and perform in the same space.
  5. Produce shows more efficiently without reassembling sets at a rental location.
  6. Substantially reduce costs by eliminating performance facility rental fees.

For Further Information...

The Greeneville Theatre Guild is a 501(c)(3) organization.